Blog the 3rd--Ahh the Mondays.

Yesterday, I worked from noon to 9pm at the library.  That is my normal work schedule for Mondays, since all of us have to work one evening shift each week and one Saturday shift every month.  I have never really cared for working nights and weekends, but its required of the job and it really isn’t bad only doing it every so often. 

Now that I have Eva, I really do have a love/hate relationship with that noon to 9 shift.  I love that I get to have the morning to spend with Eva.  She is usually in her best mood of the day in the morning, so its nice to be around to play with her and get her dressed for the day.  She always takes a morning nap, so I get to spend that time getting some housework done and getting ready for work. 

It is a little bit harder to leave her on Mondays though, since I’ve gotten to spend all weekend and then all morning with her.  And on a beautiful weather day like yesterday, all I really wanted to do was take Eva outside for the afternoon. 

And I so hate having to be at work until 9!  Since Eva usually won’t go to sleep at night without me there to nurse her and get her swaddled and lulled off to sleep, Kyle can only get her in her pjs, turn down the lights, and get her prepared for sleep while I am gone.  That means she is often pretty fussy and tired by the time I get there (and sometimes, so is Kyle). 

Selfishly, I am glad that I get to see her when I get home from work, but I know this is something we need to try to change if we want to get her on a good napping and nighttime schedule.  Add to that the fact that I am going out of town overnight at the end of April for my sister’s bachelorette party in Chicago, and Kyle will need to be able to get Eva to sleep that night, for everyone’s sake.

So basically, I miss being there in the evening.

Also, when I get home at 9, it means that I have limited time to get things in order for the next morning before heading off to bed.  That makes for a hectic Tuesday morning, as I try to figure out what I am going to wear, make sure all the bottles are washed and ready for the day, get the coffee going, eat breakfast, pump, shower and get dressed, and nurse all before heading into work for the day.

Nonetheless, at this time, I am not looking to change my work situation.  I like my job and the fact that it’s something I worked toward professionally and educationally, so I guess I just have to continue to deal with my Mondays.  If you think about it, I guess it’s like getting an extra half day added onto the weekend.

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