Eva's First Trip to the Zoo

Today was a beautiful first day of spring here in the Kansas City area.  The temps got up into the 70s and although there was some pesky wind gusts every now and then, the sun was out and it was all in all a gorgeous afternoon.

About a month ago, Kyle and I decided to become Friends of the Zoo, or FOTZ.  Upon paying a modest membership fee, we now have a free pass to go to the zoo anytime we want.  We figured that Eva, even at her young age, would like to see the animals since she gets such a kick out of watching our two dogs running around the house.

Today, we decided, would be Eva's first trip to the zoo.  We didn't plan on spending more than a couple of hours there because we figured that Eva would lose patience and get tired after a while.  So around 1 o'clock, I picked out a little dress for Eva and we packed up and headed out.

We first went to check out the new polar bear, Nikita.  Eva didn't seem to really see the polar bear, although it was swimming around quite a bit right in front of her.  She did seem entranced by the water though.

Then we went to see the llamas.

Eva seemed to be more excited to look at me than the llamas.

On our way to see the kangaroos, about 20 minutes into the trip, Eva just couldn't keep her eyes open any longer.

I had to get a photo with her though.  It's her first zoo trip after all!

After awhile, Eva did wake up though.  And she was in a good mood even, so we went over to the orangutans, and she watched the baby orangutan while Kyle held her. 

I think Eva really liked being out of her stroller.  She looked around a lot, mostly at the other people, and did a lot of babbling.  It was really cute.

To commemorate her inaugural trip to the zoo, we picked up a little stuffed orangutan as a souvenir.  Eva played with it on the way home.

All in all, I think Eva really liked her first zoo visit.  I am glad that we decided to become FOTZ, and I can't wait to take Eva again.

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  1. Looks you all had fun! I have never been to the zoo. Maybe we can go together sometime.