Half Update

No I didn't get a training run in last night.  Perhaps tonight.

So after whining yesterday about my lack of training for the upcoming half I am signed up for, today I am trying to catch up on other folks' blogs.   Not one, but TWO different bloggers that I have followed for some time now wrote similar entries talking about how they were getting down on themselves for slacking on training and dreading their upcoming races or training requirements. 

The difference between their blogs and mine was that BOTH of these bloggers pointed out how lucky they are that they even have the opportunity to participate in these races or the sport in general.  There are folks out there who would love to be able to move their body, to use their legs, to see, or to have nothing more serious to worry about than finding the time to pursue a hobby.  Boy, does that put things into perspective for me.   

Here I am, worried about feeling like a failure just because I may have to walk during my race.  How lucky am I that I even get to run in this race?  How much of a failure can I really be by participating in something that I have wanted to do and worked towards mentally and well as physically for a while now?  Even if I decide to drop down to the 10K, isn't that just being smart about what my physical limits might be at this time?  Does it mean I can never train for and successfully complete a half marathon?  Of course, it doesn't.

And then I think back to those many months that I was unable to run due to pregnancy.  Boy how I longed to get out on those beautiful autumn days and run an easy 4 miler.  I couldn't wait to get back at it and was very disappointed that at 6 weeks post partum, I still wasn't ready to dive back into running like I had thought I would be.  I promised myself that when the time came to start running again, I would remember how it felt not to be able to run as motivation on those lazy days when getting a run in was a low priority.

So, with these things in mind, while I still haven't decided for sure whether or not I am going to run the half or drop down to the 10k, I have decided not to be down about it.  I signed up for this race because I like running and I find races to be fun experiences.  I am going to have fun with what training I do have left and if things don't go as planned, I am not going to stress about it.  There's just no real reason to. 

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