As I have mentioned before, I work full time as an assistant librarian.  I have been working in this library system for nearly 4 years, and have been an assistant manager for the last 2.  I had Eva in November of last year and was lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the full 12 weeks of leave, making it possible for me to stay home with her until she was 3 months old.  Since then, my neighbor Angie has been our nanny and the arrangement has been wonderful!  I get to go home and nurse Eva everyday at lunch, I don't have to get her dressed and packed up to go to daycare each day, and sometimes Angie even brings Eva up to the library to visit me!

This arrangement has only been meant to be temporary, however, as we have been on the waiting list at a daycare since JULY OF LAST YEAR!  I was 7 months pregnant with Eva at the time.  They originally told us an opening wouldn't be available until April, then it was July, then the last time I spoke with them it was August/September.  The reason for the delay is that siblings of children already enrolled in the daycare get priority over those of us who are just waiting to put one child in.  Also, this place is in a brand new facility and a very popular daycare because of its good reputation. 

Angie was agreeable to continue nannying for Eva through the summer, until an opening came available at the daycare.  I was fine with this as I like having Eva at home and I feel like she will benefit more from daycare when she is older and can be more social. 

Then yesterday, out of the blue, the daycare calls--they have an opening in 2 weeks!  Uh oh--I wasn't ready for that.  Even though Angie is willing to keep Eva for a while longer, it is risky to give up this spot in the daycare, as we'll get put back at the bottom of the waiting list if we decline now.  But man oh man, I wanted to wait!  I wanted Eva to be as close to one year old as I could get her before sending her off to daycare 40 hours a week.

After some serious discussion, Kyle and I decided we would go ahead and enroll Eva in the daycare now.  As my mommy heart breaks into a million little pieces, I cannot think of any other solution to this problem that will fit our needs now and in the future.  So I called today and we are set to pick up the enrollment paperwork this evening, go through the orientation next week, and then drop Eva off for her first day the following week.

And while it is way too easy for me to spout off all the negative thoughts that I have about this pending change, I am going to put effort into listing off all the positive aspects instead. 

  1. This daycare is AWESOME!  It is a brand new facility with great security and teachers that are certified and licensed to handle the age level of the children in their class.  It is clean, it is a regional office so there are frequent visits by the daycare administration to make sure the operations are in line with company policy and legal guidelines. 
  2. They are excited to enroll Eva into their infant program.  In all of my dealings with this daycare, and the multiple people I have spoken with, they are all friendly, positive, and welcoming.
  3. Even though it is expensive in general, this is one of the most affordable daycares we came across when we were doing our research and daycare visits last summer.
  4. It will be good for Eva.  I think she will enjoy being around other babies and interacting with other children.  She strikes me as a social butterfly so I feel like she will thrive in a daycare setting.  This facility plans certain activities that are appropriate for each age group they enroll, so she will hopefully benefit developmentally from the stimulation the daycare will provide.  Also, she will have a bit more structure to her feedings, naps, and play times during the day which will help us with our attempts at setting a schedule for her at home.
  5. Angie has agreed to continue being our back up childcare option, in the instance where Eva might be too sick to go to daycare.  This will keep us from using up our paid leave at work and it will give Angie her own life back, so she's not having to plan everything around watching Eva everyday.
I am sure there are other positives, but those are what I am trying to focus on at this time.  And really, this arrangement need not be permanent should we decide to explore other options in the future and that's what I have to remember.  Now is the time to give this a chance and if something isn't working, we can re-evaluate. 

So positive thoughts and vibes my way would be appreciated.  Man, what a hot mess I am going to be when its time for her to go to SCHOOL!

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  1. It will be o.k. Really! I worked until my first was three and it was hard, but he did fine in daycare.

    BTW, in my prekids/early kids life, I was a librarian. It's a good career.

    (Oh, and that fridge was the basement fridge. Really, we do have food too. LOL)