How's the Running Going?

You may be wondering why I haven't blogged much about running lately.  Well, I haven't been running.  Not much anyway. 

After completing the half a few weeks ago, I have felt relieved not to be bound (and guilted) by a training schedule.  I took the entire week following the race off to regroup and readjust my mental approach to running.  I still like to use a training program to help guide my runs and workouts for the week, so I figured I'd look into a 5K training plan that includes some speedwork with weekly long runs that average no more than about 7 or 8 miles.  Not having any races upcoming though has kept me from really sticking to a regular workout routine, running or otherwise.

So the second week after my race, I got out there for a couple of 3 or 4 milers and did the 30 Day Shred video once.

Last week I did Zumba once and...nothing else.  I had good intentions for getting a run in but it just never happened.

I am half tempted to sign up for another race just to motivate myself to get out there and do the miles.  But, at the same time, I'd really just rather find the motivation from within because I still need to work on getting back to my pre-baby fitness level and I don't think signing up for another race is really going to accomplish that.  A steady, consistent workout plan will.

It's not really fair to blame my laziness on the weather, but I will anyway because, hey its almost May for Pete's sake and I'd like some sunshine and 60-70 degree temps please!  The month of April, while there have been some really nice days, has felt more like March and I am sooooo tired of overcast, windy 50 degree days and rain.  Sooooo tired of it!

Ironically, I finally lost all 42 lbs of my baby weight and am back to my pre-baby weight.  Now I just have to lose that 10 lbs I was wanting to get rid of before I got pregnant.  Ha!


  1. ya on the baby weight! Congrats!! :)

  2. Ooh congrats on getting back to pre-Eva weight! I think one of the best things about training for a race is not training for a race after it's done. But that will wear off!

  3. your doing great! I have 15 i wanna get rid of-- i ahve only lost like 4 -- and need to lose 15 more... and i dont even have a i really have no excuse!!! just work and school and i am tired LOL