Split Times for Rock the Parkway Half

I can look at these split times and tell you exactly which miles I stopped at porta potties, that I sped up during mile 3 due to the fast 10K runners, that I had to wait in a short line for the porta potty in mile 5, that mile 7 was my worst mentally, that I walked a lot in mile 11 so I could store up enough energy to run all of mile 12 and 13 as fast as I could handle, and that seeing Kyle on the final .1 stretch slowed me down quite a bit before I hit the finish. 

For me, just looking at these splits helps me relive my race experience and I think that's  pretty cool.

Mile 1 - 12:55  (hanging with the pace group)
Mile 2 - 13:30  (got up ahead of pace group but stopped for potty break)
Mile 3 - 11:46  (dang 10K runners)
Mile 4 - 12:34  (slowing it back down to a comfortable pace)
Mile 5 - 14:54  (had to wait for an open porta potty)
Mile 6 - 11:55  (things are still going okay)
Mile 7 - 13:17  (wait, I am only halfway done? uh oh)
Mile 8 - 12:02  (not as slow as this felt)
Mile 9 - 12:39  (man I need a porta potty, if I keep running, I'll get to it sooner)
Mile 10 - 11:20 (I must have seen the porta potty on the horizon and booked it there)
Mile 11 - 14:15  (post bathroom break, feeling good, resting up to run the rest w/o anymore walk breaks)
Mile 12 - 10:51 (time to get this show on the road)
Mile 13 - 9:12  (I ain't playin')
Lap 0.1 - 11:18 (Hey there's Kyle, let me smile for my picture, okay done!)

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