Thoughts about Weaning and Formula and a 4 miler

I have been nursing Eva since she was born--over 6 months now!  My original goal was to breastfeed her until she was 6 months old and then I would start weaning.  I have been back at work for over 3 months, and I have dutifully pumped anywhere from 2-4 times a day in order to keep Eva in breastmilk while I am working. 

I am so sick of pumping!

For now, I don't mind continuing to nurse in the evenings and on weekends, but I am just so tired of having to lug the pump around with me all the time and I hate using up all my breaks to pump.  About a month ago, we started introducing a bottle of formula here and there.  At first, Eva wouldn't take it but eventually she accepted it, though she often wouldn't finish a whole bottle of formula like she would a bottle of breastmilk.  Once I knew she'd drink the formula, I phased out one pumping session with the intent on phasing out another in a week or two.  However, after being on formula for about 2 weeks, Eva began to develop a rash on her belly and as time went on, it got darker and spread around to her back. 

It didn't seem to bother her, but I didn't want it to get worse to where it might eventually start to become itchy.  We took her completely off of formula and I went back to my original pumping routine in order to get her back on exclusively breastmilk.  It only took about a week for the rash to begin to improve.

I then tried a different brand of formula, only to have the rash darken again.  I figured Eva must be allergic to the protein in the milk-based formulas, so last week we bought some soy-based formula.  Once Eva's rash completely cleared up, we started giving her a little bit of soy formula here and there.  Because she's been sick and teething, she hasn't had much of an appetite and hasn't drank much formula at all, but yesterday I noticed the rash coming back.

I am pretty sure that the rash is a reaction to formula, but am unsure about what kind of formula to give her that will not give her a rash.  I asked the pediatrician about this during one of her visits while she was sick and basically got a handout about eczema which didn't really tell me much. 

So at this point, I am back to pumping twice a day at work and nursing while at home.  I feel like a pack mule everyday lugging my purse, my bookbag (cause I am a librarian you know), my cooler, and my breastpump to and from work every day.  The days that I have to take Eva to daycare or pick her up are major ordeals with all the crap I have to pack up and cart around.  I am ready to cut out the pump but am just so hesitant to do so until I find a formula that I feel Eva will drink and that will not give her a reaction.

While I am very pleased that I was able to breastfeed for so long, I met my goal and am losing my drive to continue too much longer with nursing.  I feel that Eva is getting to the point where her preference is the breast and she is starting to shun solids and bottles sometimes, it seems, in favor of the breast.  Does this happen?  Maybe the teething is causing the apparent preference for the breast, which is more comforting. 

So there's that.

Also, yesterday after work the weather was glorious and pretty, so I went out on a 4 miler.  I wanted to try to push myself a little this time, so after the 1st mile which was about 11:30 min/mile I ramped it up a bit and hit 10:10 min on the 2nd mile.  I felt a bit tired after that, so I slowed back down and finished the last 2 miles of the run at an average of 10:40 min/mile.  I really tried to pay attention to my form and my breathing this time since my goal is to get faster. 

When I started running again after pregnancy, I felt like I was dragging myself along.  Most runs were done on autopilot where I felt slow, I know I looked slow, and the numbers on the Garmin revealed I was in fact going slow.  Now that more time has elapsed since I a) had the baby and b) was pushing myself to run long trying to train for the half marathon, I feel like I have more energy to put into pushing my pace.  Running shorter distances more often is going to give me the chance to speed up and get used to the feeling of running faster again.  In a week or so, I plan to incorporate some speed training (intervals and tempo runs) once a week.  My goal is to make a 9 minute mile my normal, medium effort running pace.  I don't have a deadline for it, so let's see how long that takes!

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  1. Once you figure out the formula problem you should be able to just nurse her when your home and loose the mule. By 6 months most of the women I work with including myself stopped pumping and still nursed for a year when we could. It may be a little painful at first but your body should adjust. I always gave my kids bottles of formula at night so they would have a routine with it and so I would have a break or if I was not home I did not want to feel tied down. Eva will nurse or bottle feed less once she starts solids anyways. I would just keep feeding her the solids. She may just be getting used to the different textures. I think that is great you went 6 months of nursing. I was always looking for an excuse to stop myself!!!