Sporadic Posting

To the few of you that do read my blog, I apologize for the sporadic posting.  Blogging is not a habit for me yet, and I often find that when I have free time, I am not thinking about sitting down to write a blog.  I am even behind on reading the blogs I subscribe to.

I do have all kinds of blog ideas though.  I usually think of them when I am running or when I go to bed at night or when I am in the shower--all times that I can't whip out the computer to write an entry.

So, since it has been a while since my last post, you get to read another blog entry that gives a basic rundown of what's going on in my life at the moment, as opposed to an entry focused on one particular topic. 

1) I am currently reading Bossypants by Tina Fey and it is hilarious!  If you like the show 30 Rock, then you like Tina Fey's humor and you will definitely like this book.  It is a biography that gives a general overview on Tina's life and how she got into comedy writing and acting as well as some general thoughts on women and how they are viewed by themselves and others in today's day and age.  Just about all of it is conveyed with humor though, and I usually end up laughing out loud, sometimes with tears rolling down my cheeks when something strikes me particularly funny.  Tina Fey is not one to take herself too seriously.

2) I have been doing some very smart couponing of late and have had a couple of great shopping trips I'd like to share with you in a separate entry.  I am focusing my efforts on toiletry type items that tend to be very expensive like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and razors, but am keeping my eyes open for food deals as well.  Kyle and I tend to spend most of our grocery money on fresh produce, meat, and dairy products, so there is little use for many of the food coupons I get in the Sunday inserts most of the time.  Seems like many of the food coupons are for boxed or frozen meals, and other highly processed foods and those are all things we are trying to keep to a minimum in our household. 

3) I didn't run at all last week.  I didn't work out at all actually.  I just chose not to devote any time to exercise last week so I look at it as an exercise vacation.  I got back in the saddle on Sunday morning with the 30 Day Shred workout video (which my arms are still sore from--Thanks Jillian!) and then I ran a pretty fast 3 miles on Monday night.  I didn't get my timer started until about 3 minutes into the run, but the part of the run that I did record on the Garmin showed I was running sub-10 minute miles.  9:54 and 9:50 I believe.  I felt pretty good at that pace, though I could tell I was running a bit faster than an easy pace.  If I had been running father than 3 miles that night, I think I would have slowed down a bit and probably been putting out 10 minute, 15 second miles.   It also helped that the night was cool and the humidity wasn't stifling.  I took yesterday as a rest day and plan to  hit the pavement again tonight after Eva goes to bed.  I am thinking a 3 or 4 miler, depending upon how late I get started.  I like to get back home before it gets completely dark. 

4) Kyle got a new job!  He will start in July doing essentially the same work he does now but for a different company.  He will make a little bit more money but the main reason for the job change is the potential for bonuses, raises, and promotions.  His current position has been frozen in limbo with no real opportunity for any of those things for about 3 years now.  It was definitely time for a change and I think he is excited.

5) Eva is doing well.  She is taking to solids a lot better now and I am down to nursing just about 3 or 4 times a day.  Usually once around 5 am and again at 7am (right before she goes to daycare).  I don't pump at all at work, so I usually nurse her again around 6pm and then I try to top her off before bed at 8.  My milk production has really been reduced though, so I know she isn't getting much milk at the 7am and 8pm feedings-- I am thinking about dropping both of those nursing sessions and just giving her a formula bottle at 8pm before bed.  She is having solids at breakfast, lunch, and dinner now with a snack in the afternoons and about 3 bottles over the course of the day while at daycare.  I do nurse her more often on the weekends, since we are together during that time.  I wonder if I should taper those feedings off as well? 

That's the short and sweet of it.  I'll try to get some pix up and my entry about my coupon shopping up soon.

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  1. that's nice you took an exercise vacation and congrats for the new job for your husband. I feel like the weekend feedings will taper off themself. Maybe just supplement if you don't feel like she's getting enough? or cut them out if you want to be done. Good luck!