Unpleasant Afternoon Surprise

Most days of the week, I work 8am to 5pm and yesterday was one such day.  I usually like to take my lunch from 1 to 2, and that's what I did yesterday.  When I came back from lunch, I parked my car in a spot next to the sidewalk that runs on the north side of our building, amongst the other staff.  At about 5 o'clock, one of my coworkers came in from outside to tell me that someone had stolen my license plates.  What?!! Ugh!

Yes, in broad daylight, in the middle of a parking lot that sees a fair amount of traffic, someone took both my front and rear license plates and the screws that bolted them onto my car.  They left my Missouri Tigers license plate holder on the ground behind my car, so I can only assume the thieves were Kansas Jayhawk fans, which only increases my ire towards them.  Luckily there was nothing else missing and no damage to my car. 

So, instead of heading to daycare to get Eva and head home for the night, I spent an hour waiting for the police to come to my work to take the report.  I had planned on going for a run last night, but I couldn't help but feel out of sorts and a bit paranoid since becoming the victim of a crime.  Of course, no physical harm was inflicted and Kyle pointed out that it is highly unlikely that I was specifically targeted--someone just simply needed some plates and decided to take mine.  Nonetheless, I decided that after getting Eva off to bed and dinner cleaned up, I would relax and do nothing.

This morning I went down to the DMV and got new plates.  I bought some anti-theft license plate screws too--I figured the next criminal might think twice about taking my plates if they are going to have to work very hard to get them. 

I emailed the district manager to find out if we could pull security footage of the parking lot from yesterday to try to figure out when this happened and identify who did it only to find out that the outdoor security camera runs from 10pm to 10am only and the tree that's in front of it is partially blocking the camera's view of the lot.  Good to know.  Glad we have that there. Ha! (Apparently both of these issues are going to be rectified by the way). 

So, now I have new plates and an even more intense distrust of anyone I don't know.  What a hassle!!


  1. That sucks! I can't believe no one did anything/saw anything happen. I agree with Kyle that it is probably not someone targeting you. I like to think it was a Jack Bauer type who is just trying to save the world and needed to borrow your plates.

  2. Oh, man, what a bummer! I agree that it was unlikely a targeted crime, but it still sucks!

  3. Bleh, what a drag. When I was 18, someone stole not my license plate but my current registration stickers! So, stupid unobservant me never notices (because really, why would I look at that?) until I got a big fat ticket for having expired tags!!! Argh! Then I could see on the plate where it had been expertly scraped and meticulously peeeeeeeeled off.


    What I was told to do when I got my replacement stickers was to take a small pocket knife and gently "score" the stickers in a little diagonal pattern (like they do at stores with price tags sometime) so that if a would-be thief did target me, he would see that the whole sticker would not pull off (because it is essentially sliced) and therefore he would go after someone else. (I have done this for over 20 years now and never had a problem.)

    What a hassle just to prevent the bad guys.