7/10/11 CVS Trip

I got some great deals at CVS this week and this time I took pix! 

A couple of weeks ago I found out that you can preview next week's CVS ad online on the CVS web site, which is great for planning a weekly shopping trip to snag some deals.  There are a ton of people that coupon shop around my area and if you don't get there early, you will probably miss out as things sell out pretty quickly. 

CVS does do rain checks though, which helps, but if you have a coupon to use that will expire soon, that could be a problem.  So I like to review the ad on Friday or Saturday and make a list of the things we need that are on sale.   Then I go through the list and use an online coupon database to match up coupons with the sale items I plan to buy.  Finally, I gather up all my coupons and figure out how to group my items to get the best bang for my buck (basically I figure out if I need to divide up my purchase into separate transactions).   Usually, I spend about 20 minutes at a time working on this, but if I did it all in one sitting without interruption, I think it would be about an hour's worth of preparation.

This week, I divided my purchase up into 4 transactions in order to maximize my savings.  I went to CVS at about 10am, so it was not busy and I told the cashier what I was doing and asked her if it would be okay.  She was very nice and helpful, so we got my checkout finished in just a few minutes and no one had to wait behind me. 

Here's what I got:

In my first transaction, I picked up the two items that were on sale and free after you received your Extra Care Bucks.  The contact solution was on sale for $7.99 and I received $7.99 in ECBs.  The Balance bar was $1.69 and I received $1.69 in ECBs.  I used $8.79 in ECBs from previous shopping trips so my total out of pocket for this purchase was 95 cents.

Summary: $9.68 total - $8.79 ECBs = 89 cents plus tax (95 cents total)

The second transaction included 2 Garnier moisturizing products and a pack of razor cartridges.  The Garnier products were $12 and $5, so I earned $5 ECBs due to the promotion they had going on.  I used two $2 off coupons for them as well.  The razor cartridges were on sale for $6.98 and I earned $3 in ECBs for them, and I also had a $3 off coupon to use.  I also applied $6 in ECBs from another shopping trip and the $9.68 in ECBs I just earned from my first transaction and paid $1.40 out of pocket.

Summary: $23.99 - $7 in coupons - $15.68 in ECBs =  $1.31 plus tax ($1.40 total)

My third transaction was just a box of diapers.  The deal on diapers this week was that they were marked down to $19.99 a box and you earn $5 in ECBs for the purchase.  I got on Pampers mailing list a while ago, so I get some high dollar coupons on occasion and I happened to have a $4 off a box of Pampers Cruisers coupon so I used that.  I also used the $8 in ECBs I just earned from my 2nd transaction and paid $8.54 out of pocket.

Summary: $19.99 - $4 coupon - $8 ECBs = $7.99 plus tax ($8.54 total)

My final transaction included 2 bottles of Purex detergent and 2 packages of Pup-Peroni dog treats.  The Purex was on sale for $2.99 each and the dog treats were 2 for $4.  The dog treats had a peel off sticker on each bag for $2 off, so I basically got those for free.  I used the $5 ECBs that I just earned from transaction 3 as well, and ended up paying just $1.05 out of pocket.

Summary: $9.98 - $4 in coupons - $5 ECBs = 98 cents plus tax ($1.05 total). 

To conclude, I went home with $63.64 in household items but only paid $11.94.  That is an 81% savings!

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