Alright, so maybe I don't hate the treadmill quite that much.  Turns out I prefer doing my interval workouts on the 'mill because it is so much easier to pace myself for the right distances.  I think that the variety of intervals makes the time on the treadmill go by a bit faster. 

Since Kyle is also training for the 10K in September, he went out on a run last night after Eva went to bed and I went downstairs to churn out 3 x 800m with 400m jogs and 1 mile warm-up/cool down.  Even though I had full intent on getting back into some speedwork a couple of months ago, last night was my first bout of speed work since I became pregnant with Eva.  Nothing like a race looming in the future to give me focus. 

The workout went well and I was amused to find that the speed I was running during my "resting" intervals is the same speed I labored with maintaining way back in the winter when I was coming back to running post-pregnancy and training for the half marathon. 

I finally feel like I'm "back."  And I must say it feels good!


  1. I love doing interval training on the treadmill. I can't seem to do it outside. Nice job on it! I think in your situation, given my situation, working full time has got to be too much. can you do part time? I can't imagine working full time and being the sole provider at home - housework and for Eva too. Part time or stay at home has got to be easier - I think then you'd be in my situation and miss having work/identity but life would be easier for sure. :)

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful comment N.D. I certainly don't want to downplay anything that Kyle does--he still helps around the house and with Eva, but he is just at home less often to do so, which puts more of the responsibility on me. Part time is an option for me only if I want to lose my seniority at my library. Right now I am an assistant manager and I would definitely be unhappy if I had to go backwards professionally just to be home a little bit more. I do think you are right though, I would miss my work identity if I stayed home full time but I wonder if that wouldn't pass over time. There are many other women in my library system at the same professional level who have quit to stay home full time with their children over the past year or so. I wonder if they will regret it as their children grow out of infancy...