Weaning Update

Eva is nearly 8.5 months old now and we are down to essentially one nursing session a day.  Since the pediatrician did not think that Eva was having a reaction to formula, we have been using the Target Up and Up brand of milk-based formula for several weeks and she seems to be doing well with it. 

While we still have some battles at mealtimes, for the most part Eva is eating anywhere from 1/2 to 1 full tub of pureed fruits or veggies at each meal.  At breakfast and lunch, we mix it with some oatmeal cereal.  When she's at home (as opposed to mealtimes at daycare) she gets a handful of Cheerios to finish off each meal and sometimes we give her a small amount of shredded cheese (but I think most of that ends up in her lap and on the floor). 

For a while, I was nursing before her bedtime and again first thing in the morning.  I decided to cut out the bedtime nursing and give her a bottle instead and that went over just fine.  She no longer has any problems taking a bottle from me or Kyle and it doesn't matter to her that its formula as opposed to breast milk.  I can tell my supply has drastically dropped and I wonder if she's even getting enough breast milk to constitute a meal during our morning nursing session. 

The main thing that has kept me from dropping that feeding and going to 100% formula is the convenience of it.  Eva usually wakes up anywhere from 4am to 6am everyday wanting to eat.  It makes sense to me to feed her then because by that time, it has literally been about 10 hours since her last feeding.  It is so much easier to go grab her out of her crib and bring her to our bed for her feeding, then we can both just drift right back off to sleep. 

This weekend, I tried giving her a bottle instead and I didn't like it.  I had even set out a premeasured portion of formula powder and put the 6 oz of water in her bottle and left it by my bed.  When I heard her crying out at about 5:45am, I got up and went into the bathroom to mix the formula and didn't get the collar screwed on correctly (because hey, I was half asleep) and when I went to shake the bottle, I threw formula around the bathroom.  By the time I got the bottle situation figured out and went to get Eva and brought her to bed to give her the bottle, I was 100% awake and Eva was displeased at the amount of time it took me to get in there and get her. 

So basically, I hope my supply hangs on for a little while longer because I am fine with keeping that early morning feeding going for a bit longer.

Even though I gradually eliminated pumping sessions and slowly cut back on feedings, I can tell my hormones are a bit out of whack at times.  Thankfully, I have been able to get out on some good runs lately, so I know that helps.  That and being mindful that this is just a fact of weaning and if I can keep perspective on things, everything will turn out just fine. 

All in all, I am impressed with myself as far as how long I was able to nurse.  My goal was 6 months and I surpassed that easily.  Especially remembering back at how hard it was to get the hang of nursing (it took about 6 weeks to get past the pain and latching problems) and the fact that I had no immediate family or close friends that had experience with breastfeeding to help me, I think I muddled through pretty nicely. 

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  1. Good job going as long as you did. From my experience, your body will likely adapt and your milk supply will remain for your morning session as long as you are consistent. Also, eventually, she'll not be as hungry that early.

    The hormones, though, will likely throw you for a loop for a while. And yes, it's all normal.