Running with the BOB

I love my BOB jogging stroller.  It really helps me stay on track with my running on those days when I have no one to watch Eva or if Kyle has something he needs to work on while I am out.   

Eva is making sure that my water bottle is full and ready to go.

Taking a break to get a drink and see how Eva is enjoying the ride.  Looks like things are good!

Reason #842 why I love the BOB.
I love that I can pretty much count on Eva falling asleep in the stroller, so I sometimes time my run to be when she needs a nap. 

It also helps keep me from feeling guilty for being out on a run instead of spending precious time with her.  Since I work, I can't help feeling like I am missing out when I choose to go out on a run, even if its only for 30 minutes.  Having the stroller lets me spend that time with her while doing something I love.  So, even though it was quite an expense, I feel like I am getting every penny out of my BOB. 


  1. A good stroller is worth every penny. My first son took almost every nap in his stroller while I was running. It was a sanity saver for both of us.

  2. BOBs are definitely worth their weight in gold!