The 10 Miler That Wasn't

So my training plan for my upcoming 10K prescribed a 10 miler as my long run for this Sunday.  Last week, I knocked out an 8 mile long run on Sunday that was fantastic and I had every intention of doing the 10 miler this weekend. 

Of course, you see where this is going.

I was good about getting all my other runs in throughout the week and even ran an extra couple of miles since I opted to go for a quick run on what is normally a rest day.  It is so nice to have the time and just WANT to get out there for a run. 

As the weekend drew closer, I eventually decided that I would push my 10 miler to Monday instead of Sunday.  Kyle and I had some things we wanted to take care of on Sunday and nothing really planned for the Monday holiday, so it made sense to me to move the long run.  I still went out for a quick 3 miler on Sunday and figured I'd get the 10 miler done late morning on Monday.

But then Monday comes and there are some housework things I really wanted to finish up first, so I did those things.  Then Eva went down for an afternoon nap, but I wasn't sure how long she would sleep and I knew I'd be gone nearly 2 hours on a 10 miler, so I decided to read a little while she napped.  She slept for almost 2 hours!  I should have gone but I didn't.  Then we had to run to the store for a little bit and before I knew it, it was nearly 5pm and I had to take Eva out on any run I planned to do by then because Kyle was working in the yard and couldn't watch her. 

There is no way I was going to run 10 miles pushing that jogging stroller.  I love it, but I don't love it that much! 

So I loaded her up and went out on a 5 miler instead.  I feel good that I got out there and got another 5 miles under my belt, especially when I was pretty close to scrapping the whole running plan for the day.  I know the purpose of the 10 miler for this week and next is to help me reach my time goal for my 10k but I have a hard time believing that I really need to complete two 10 mile runs in the weeks before the race in order to run it in under an hour. 

So while I haven't completely ruled out the idea of running next week's training 10 miler, I am getting closer and closer to deciding that another 8 miler will be sufficient.

We shall see!


  1. Doing five miles is definitely better than no miles! Plus it sounds like you're doing plenty of training on the other days. Good work!

  2. You definitely don't need 2 10s in under your belt in prep for a 10K. You'll do just great having missed, or really cut short, that long run.