Monster Dash 5K

Last Saturday night, Kyle and I ran in Kansas City's Monster Dash 5K, held in one of KC's historic districts, the City Market.  Costumes are encouraged for this run, but I wasn't interested in coming up with some sort of get-up that would be functional enough for running in.  Besides, I don't run many 5ks and I wanted to take this opportunity to see if I could PR.  I didn't see how running in a costume would help me do that, so I didn't even remotely consider it. 


I loosely followed a training plan for the race, starting about 6 weeks ago.  I would run 3 or 4 milers on Tuesdays, do interval training or a tempo run on Wednesdays, run a 3 miler on Thursdays and then do a short run on Saturdays and a longer run on Sundays.  Most weeks, I didn't actually get all of these workouts in, but I would usually make sure to at least get a short run in during the week and a longer one on the weekend, and work in some intervals here and there when I was already out on a run.  I felt like the intervals were helping me get faster, but at times it was hard to tell because I had to do most of my training runs with the jogging stroller.  It always slows me down.


Well, turns out my training and the cool blast of weather we had the day of the race actually did help me PR!  My time was 26:53.8.  I definitely started out too fast, but the course began with some steep downhills, so it felt fine at first.  But, it was an out and back course, so coming up those hills in the last mile was killer and I had positive splits for all 3 miles of the race.  Nonetheless, my goal was 9 minute miles and I made that goal and set a new 5K PR!


On a side note, Kyle ended up dressing up like Batman.  He said I should have worn a nametag that said Robin, so everyone could be in on the joke.  The guy at packet pick-up totally caught on to it fast though when he went to look for my shirt as I stood next to Kyle dressed as Batman.


Here is my picture from the race. You'll see Kyle in the Batman costume right behind me. It looks like he's chasing me (kind of) and I am trying frantically to get away!

It was a small race, so I came in 9th in my age group and 97th overall.  I think that's the highest I have ever placed in a race, so that was exciting, too.

I think I am going to take a break from racing for a few months.  I'll keep running and staying active, but I am going to relax on my training and start racing again in January.  There is a fun 5K they do in the caves then that I hope to get signed up for.  That was my first race ever back in 2009 and I haven't gotten signed up in time any year since.  It's a popular race!








Family Time

I don't get to see my side of the family very often, because we all live far away from each other and traveling can be time consuming and expensive.  Because of this and because being married means you now have twice a much family to see over holidays, we tend to only get to visit my parents once a year.  Recently, though, my parents moved to Arkansas--about a 7 hour drive away, so hopefully we'll be able to visit (and have them visit us in Missouri) much more now. 


This weekend, we took our first trip down to my parents' new home in Arkansas and took lots of pictures!

My Mom and Eva--this was right after we arrived.


Playing with Daddy in the backyard.


Pops and Eva playing with a yoga ball in the backyard.  My folks need to up their collection of outdoor playthings!


My brother and Eva, chillin' on the kid bench.

Me, my aunt Pam, and Eva.




My great aunt Glenda, me, and Eva.


Eva is showing me her "smiling face."


More Pumpkin Patch Pix

This is essentially a picture post.  We went to the pumpkin patch again this year and I took some great pictures.  Some of these are fun to compare with last year when we took Eva to the pumpkin patch.

Someone has grown a ton!

This kid and slides.  It is impossible to get her away from them. She went down this one about 6 times.

Just chillin' on the hayride coming back from the patch.

Don't worry, Eva has this under control.

So many pumpkins, so little time!

Happy Halloween Pardner!

Picture Me Boxing

On my way into work this morning, I noticed a new sign on the shopping center right across from my library: Title Boxing Club.  Awesome!
I am a runner at heart, and my ideal workout is a run in the great outdoors on a sunny, yet cool day when it feels like I have all the time in the world to run.  Yet, not every day is like that.  In fact, most days aren’t, yet I still like to get a good cardio workout several times a week, even if I am just not feeling the running thing or it’s too cold and wet to get outside. 
My stationary bike, treadmill, hand weights, jump rope, and countless workout DVDs are my go-to alternatives when running outdoors is out of the picture.  A gym has never been a consideration, though, because of cost and the time requirement.  I mean, loading up my gear, getting there, working out, loading up and going home – that seems like so much more of a time investment than deciding, “Hey, I think I’ll do a Jillian Michaels DVD” and 5 minutes later, there I am, sweating my bootie off in front of the TV in my basement.
So why am I excited about a new gym?  Well, I like cardio boxing and kick-boxing for starters, which is this club’s specialty.  When I was in college, I did go to the Student Rec Center for cardio classes with my friends and that is where I was introduced to cardio kickboxing.  It is a lot of fun, and I reckon it’s more fun in a class with other people than doing a Tae Bo DVD alone at home.
I also like the proximity to my work.  I mean, I can see going straight there after work, getting a good hour of sweatiness going on, and then heading off to get Eva from daycare and heading home and boom, I am done.  As it stands now, I get home with Eva about 30 minutes after I get off from work, feed the dogs, get into my workout clothes, and set Eva up with a snack before I can even step foot out the door or get started on a DVD.  And sometimes, Princess Eva does not want to sit nicely in the jogging stroller, or she dumps all her blocks on the floor right where I am trying to exercise, or has a major melt down because I won’t open my bottle of water for her to pour all over the couch.  All of these factors make it hard to stay motivated to get my workout done and there are days, just like yesterday, where I just give in and say “no workout today,” because I am mentally not into it.  Maybe if I can stay motivated for the 5 minutes it would take me to jaunt across the street and get started in a class, I wouldn’t cop out so much.  Too much time to think about it makes it too easy to comes up with reasons not to do it.
Cost is still a factor, and since this place hasn’t opened up yet, I honestly don’t know how much a membership will run.  I am guessing that they’ll have some good deals going on at first, since it is a new club location and all, so I am counting on that helping me be at peace with spending the money. 
I am hoping that some of the women I work with who are into exercise and working out will be interested in joining as well.  That would be another motivator to get over there and do my work out, just like when I would go to the cardio classes at the Rec Center with my friends in college.
Of course, I am not giving up running.  But I am fine with making it a weekend activity for a while, especially as we head towards winter and the days get shorter, limiting opportunities for outdoor running after work. Besides, after my 5K in a couple of weeks, I don’t plan on running any races until January at the earliest. 

I'm Baaaaaack!

Okay, I realize that it has been a year since I updated this blog. I could talk about how busy I have been and how juggling work and a kid have left me with little time to spend writing blogs.  While these things are true, we all know that you can figure out how to make time to do the things you like or want to do and frankly, I haven't been inspired enough to keep up the blog over the past 12 months.  

I have still enjoyed reading everyone else's blogs though, so I admit that I am a selfish blogger/blog reader.

Anyway, the reason I am back is because I have been thinking about blogging a lot lately.  When I am driving to work or transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer, I will have random ideas for blog posts.  I really like going back and reading my own entries from a while back, and I want to continue to log memories of my life that I can look back on and even show to my daughter in the future. 

So, here I am.  I may spend some time revamping the look of the blog, but that is going to happen gradually as I decide to dedicate time to working on it.  If I can get back in the habit of making regular posts, I feel that is the most important thing. 

I know you are dying to find out what I have been up to in the past year.  Well, I am still running, still working at the library, still married and still living in the same house.  Not much has changed really, but I like to think I am growing as a person and definitely as a mother. 

Eva is almost 2 years old now and she is a little firecracker!  Her teachers at the daycare told me the other day that they are sad that she is moving up into the next classroom because they are going to miss her.  She likes music and dancing, cheese, making people laugh, and playing with my hair.  We are in the beginning stages of potty training, which means that she has a potty seat that she sits on occasionally, yet rarely actually potties in, and is still 100% in diapers. 

Here is a picture from our recent visit to the pumpkin patch.

She is still working on growing a full head of hair but I think she's pretty darn cute!

I hope to be a more frequent updater, now that I got the awkward "Hey, I'm back and want you to read my blogs again" post out of the way. 

What has everyone else been up to the last year?