Family Time

I don't get to see my side of the family very often, because we all live far away from each other and traveling can be time consuming and expensive.  Because of this and because being married means you now have twice a much family to see over holidays, we tend to only get to visit my parents once a year.  Recently, though, my parents moved to Arkansas--about a 7 hour drive away, so hopefully we'll be able to visit (and have them visit us in Missouri) much more now. 


This weekend, we took our first trip down to my parents' new home in Arkansas and took lots of pictures!

My Mom and Eva--this was right after we arrived.


Playing with Daddy in the backyard.


Pops and Eva playing with a yoga ball in the backyard.  My folks need to up their collection of outdoor playthings!


My brother and Eva, chillin' on the kid bench.

Me, my aunt Pam, and Eva.




My great aunt Glenda, me, and Eva.


Eva is showing me her "smiling face."


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