Picture Me Boxing

On my way into work this morning, I noticed a new sign on the shopping center right across from my library: Title Boxing Club.  Awesome!
I am a runner at heart, and my ideal workout is a run in the great outdoors on a sunny, yet cool day when it feels like I have all the time in the world to run.  Yet, not every day is like that.  In fact, most days aren’t, yet I still like to get a good cardio workout several times a week, even if I am just not feeling the running thing or it’s too cold and wet to get outside. 
My stationary bike, treadmill, hand weights, jump rope, and countless workout DVDs are my go-to alternatives when running outdoors is out of the picture.  A gym has never been a consideration, though, because of cost and the time requirement.  I mean, loading up my gear, getting there, working out, loading up and going home – that seems like so much more of a time investment than deciding, “Hey, I think I’ll do a Jillian Michaels DVD” and 5 minutes later, there I am, sweating my bootie off in front of the TV in my basement.
So why am I excited about a new gym?  Well, I like cardio boxing and kick-boxing for starters, which is this club’s specialty.  When I was in college, I did go to the Student Rec Center for cardio classes with my friends and that is where I was introduced to cardio kickboxing.  It is a lot of fun, and I reckon it’s more fun in a class with other people than doing a Tae Bo DVD alone at home.
I also like the proximity to my work.  I mean, I can see going straight there after work, getting a good hour of sweatiness going on, and then heading off to get Eva from daycare and heading home and boom, I am done.  As it stands now, I get home with Eva about 30 minutes after I get off from work, feed the dogs, get into my workout clothes, and set Eva up with a snack before I can even step foot out the door or get started on a DVD.  And sometimes, Princess Eva does not want to sit nicely in the jogging stroller, or she dumps all her blocks on the floor right where I am trying to exercise, or has a major melt down because I won’t open my bottle of water for her to pour all over the couch.  All of these factors make it hard to stay motivated to get my workout done and there are days, just like yesterday, where I just give in and say “no workout today,” because I am mentally not into it.  Maybe if I can stay motivated for the 5 minutes it would take me to jaunt across the street and get started in a class, I wouldn’t cop out so much.  Too much time to think about it makes it too easy to comes up with reasons not to do it.
Cost is still a factor, and since this place hasn’t opened up yet, I honestly don’t know how much a membership will run.  I am guessing that they’ll have some good deals going on at first, since it is a new club location and all, so I am counting on that helping me be at peace with spending the money. 
I am hoping that some of the women I work with who are into exercise and working out will be interested in joining as well.  That would be another motivator to get over there and do my work out, just like when I would go to the cardio classes at the Rec Center with my friends in college.
Of course, I am not giving up running.  But I am fine with making it a weekend activity for a while, especially as we head towards winter and the days get shorter, limiting opportunities for outdoor running after work. Besides, after my 5K in a couple of weeks, I don’t plan on running any races until January at the earliest. 

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