Happy Birthday Eva LuCille!

I know every parent says it when their children mark another year with a birthday, but I just can’t believe Eva is already 2 years old!

She has quite a personality too!  She knows what she wants and is always trying to assert her independence, especially at home.  Just last night, we had to sit through 2 time outs, some time alone in her bed, and one long crying jag just to get her hands washed before she ate her snack.  I suspect she didn’t get much of a nap at school, which I think entitles me to a discount for tuition, considering Halloween is THE WORST DAY to have your toddler miss a nap. 
Eva got dressed up in her garden gnome costume and went to 3 houses to trick or treat: 2 of my co-workers and our neighbors.  I didn’t think she would be into going to strangers’ home for trick or treating and she got so many treats at those 3 places that it wasn’t even necessary to hit up anywhere else. She had a great time and loves to put her treats into her pumpkin and carry them around.  We are going to have to start making sure she brushes her teeth twice every day now.  I didn’t think Eva had much of a sweet tooth, but she loves Skittles.  Of course, it shouldn’t be a surprise that kids love candy!
To celebrate her birthday tonight, she will get her gifts from me and Kyle, which include some new books and a tricycle!  Then we are going out to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Tomorrow, I am off from work so Eva and I are going to meet up with our friend Joy and her son Mason for some playtime at a local indoor recreational facility. 
With all the excitement, attention, gifts and treats she has been receiving for about a week now, she is going to come to expect the week of her birthday and Halloween to be like this every year!  Well, as long as it doesn’t spill into my Birthday Jamboree Extravaganza Week, I guess that would be fine.

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