Running Update and Goals

Since my last post, I have continued to be sporadic with my running schedule, hitting it hard for several days in a row and then just sitting around for the next several days.

Over Memorial Day weekend I ran every day, starting on Friday with a planned 4 miler that turned into a 5 miler.  It was such a beautiful day and I was really jammin' out to my music, so I didn't want to stop at 4.  I am terrible about updating my music on my iPod (affectionately named Shuffalufagus), but that morning I had added nearly 2 hours worth of fresh songs to my playlist.  I usually listen to a lot of rap and R & B on runs, which I still like, but I am so behind the times on what is popular that I have been listening to the same Kanye, DJ Khalid, and Birdman songs for years and I needed some new stuff.  I loaded up with more alternative, indie, and alt-country and a few newer rap/R & B songs, and that has gone a long way to keep things more interesting.

On Saturday, I wasn't super motivated to get out and run because it was pretty humid, so I went out for a 4 mile out and back, just to get something done.  I sweated buckets, but was glad to have gotten some mileage.

Sunday, I decided to get out before the heat and humidity really set in, so I headed out around mid-morning and explored a new neighborhood for a 6 miler.  My subdivision is very close to about 5 or 6 different housing developments of varying ages and price points, and I haven't explored them all yet.  I had hoped to make quick work of my 6 miler by getting lost in the new scenery, but it was hot enough that I couldn't really break the 12 minute mile pace that day.  It was a good run, but not the most enjoyable I have ever had.

Monday, I went back to the neighborhood I had begun to explore the day before and completed another slow run totaling 5 miles.

After a week of not doing much of anything, I knocked out 20 miles in 4 days.  I decided to take a break from running on Tuesday and ended up doing a Zumba workout after work, but I spent the next 4 days doing nothing.  So it goes.

I hope to do better at being consistent this week, but I won't be too hard on myself if not.  I feel like I have focused on getting back into the habit of running enough in the past month or so, that I will eventually find a groove that is right for me.  I look back at my old training logs and I can't believe that in the year after Eva was born, I regularly ran 20-25 miles a week and often ran 7-8 miles on my long run.  I can't imagine that being my normal schedule now-  I am just so tired.  Haha! But I am 5 years older, I have a job with a lot more responsibility, and a 2nd child to care for, so it makes sense that I would struggle trying to maintain that sort of schedule nowadays. I will not give up though!  Goals!